Darunsikkhalai: The House of Learning

Darunsikkhalai has crafted the classroom as a ‘study house’ fostering an environment for students to share, exchange knowledge, make friends, and cultivate a warm learning community alongside the virtual ‘Kru Baan’ team. ‘Teacher Father and Teacher Mother’ diligently oversee the students as family members. The learning levels are divided into two parts:

1. Project-based Learning (PBL)

To practice and develop skills, PBL involves the process of creating knowledge independently. It provides students with the opportunity to choose topics at their own pace, aligning with the age and readiness of the learner.

2. Foundational Class and Essential Skills

Including subjects like Thai language, English, mathematics, etc., we aim to introduce essential and age-appropriate general knowledge for learners at each level. These subjects are carefully selected from the Ministry of Education’s basic curriculum. Our approach involves a hands-on learning process, prioritizing active learning to foster deep understanding among students. Additionally, these classes serve as a wellspring of inspiration for project-based learning.

Primary School Curriculum

Primary school student development is an integrated process. It focuses on creating a balance of learning that can shape well-rounded human beings. It allows students to have balanced development between body, mind, and intellect through daily life and project-based learning. It also incorporates the constructionism theory of creativity and intelligence by Prof. Seymour Papert of MIT Media Lab, which creates a learning process that gives students the opportunity to learn through hands-on practice. This way, students can produce their own first-hand knowledge.

Upper School Curriculum

Secondary Education (Upper School) embraces a career-based curriculum designed to unlock the maximum potential of students. The goal is to empower students in discovering and nurturing their unique abilities. Guided by the principles of Constructionism, our curriculum employs a project-based learning approach integrated with technology, academics, arts, culture, Thai language, morality, ethics, and English language. Our aim is to instill a lifelong love for learning, making it a natural and enduring habit.