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Welcome to Constructionism 2016

This bi-annual gathering of researchers and practitioners of the constructionist learning philosophy is intended to be a place to showcase lessons learned, innovative learning tools, new case studies, and novel approaches that has been happening throughout the world.



Constructionism is a learning philosophy created by Seymour Papert at MIT. The idea was built upon Jean Piaget’s Constructivism, where learning was seen not as a transmission of knowledge from an expert to the learner. Instead, learning is a process where a learner goes through a continuous process of making his or her own meaning about the world. At MIT, Papert has shown how constructing personally meaningful artifacts using a computer can allow Piaget learning process to take place “especially felicitously”. Papert and his learning ideas became widely known in the eighties especially when “Logo”, a computer programming language designed for children, became a popular learning tool on computers in that era.

Constructionism in Action

This year’s theme reflects on how ideas created by the Constructionist community has been put into action. It is broad enough to cover a wide variety of initiatives. This theme relates particularly well with the Thailand host. Putting Papert’s learning ideas into practice has been the nature of the work in Thailand since its beginning in the late 90s. Since the conference itself will be held at a constructionist school, participants will literally be immersed in “ideas in action”.


This is the first time that Constructionism is held in Asia. The conference will be held at Darunsikkhalai School for Innovative Learning (DSIL) which is located inside King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT). DSIL was created as a constructionist school from day one. It was established in the late nineties not long after Papert and his team came to Thailand. Participants will be able to observe what is going on in the school during the conference and learn about its ups and downs throughout the past decade. We hope this will give the conference a special vibe!


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