Monday, February 1st
Tuesday, February 2nd
Session : Opening Ceremony (Presentation)
Session 1: Special Keynote
Yongyuth Yuthavong
Sparks from the Spirit: Role of Learning in Constructing and Using Knowledge ( Presentation | Slides )
Session 2: Opening Keynote
Paron Israsena
Constructionism the Thailand Way ( Presentation )
Session 3: Plenary 1
Nalin Tutiyaphuengprasert and Yuphin Trangkatarn
Darunsikkhailai and its 15 years improvisation on Samba School ( Presentation )
Leda Munoz and Maria Eugenia Bujanda
Costa Rica's Omar Dengo Foundation Program: 29 years later ( Presentation )
Session 4: Open house: Constructionism in Thailand (Presentation1 | Presentation2 | Presentation3 | Presentation4 | Presentation5)
Session 5A: Poster Session
Sawaros Thanapornsangsuth
Compassion and Empathy through Inventions: GoGo Board Toolkit for 7-10 years old
Brian Harvey
What's New in Snap! and BJC
Pavel Petrovič
A new robot in a classroom
Nathan Holbert
Bots for Tots: Leveraging ‘Ways of Knowing’ to Increase Diversity in Makerspaces
Tomohito Yashiro, Kazushi Mukaiyama and Yasushi Harada
Workshop of Game Programming in Scratch
Sawaros Thanapornsangsuth, Yongyuth Laitavorn, Kasidej Phulsuksombati, U-Lacha Laochai, Rachaneeporn Assavanop, Surapat Somsri and Quankamon Dejatiwongse Na Ayudhya
Little Builders: Empowering At-risk Children by Building and Design
Miki Matsumasa, Chieko Harayama, Kazuhiro Abe, Nobuko Kishi and Manabu Sugiura
Robot Programming Workshop for Middle and High School Girls
Alejandro Rosas Mendoza, Esteban Pablo Díaz and Avenilde Romo Vázquez
Bridge of popsicle sticks: A project and a contest
Aoi Yoshida, Kazunari Ito and Kazuhiro Abe
A practical report on a course of learning by making at the university in Japan
Mícheál Ó Dúill
Philological philosophy, simplistic science, misleading mathematics, perfidious perception, trusty technology
Mícheál Ó Dúill
After Scratch: Logo(Writer)?
Pavel Petrovič
On controlling LEGO Education platforms from Imagine Logo
Ildikó Tasnádi, László Csink and Károly Farkas
Teaching programming constructively and playfully
Suttipong Thajchayapong, Tanut Choksatchawathi, Paron Israsena and Chanikarn Wongviriyawong
Increasing Learning Gain in Linear Algebra through Play
Session 5B: Demos
Pavel Petrovič
Tatrabot - a mobile robotic platform for teaching programming
Yu Guo and Uri Wilensky
Learning About Complex Systems with the BeeSmart Participatory Simulation
Mikhaela Dietch, Bryanne Leeming and Amon Millner
JumpSmart: A Platform for Communal Making and Physical Engagement in Programming
Kazuhiro Abe and Masashi Umezawa
Pyonkee: A Scratch compatible visual-programming environment running on iPad
Andreas Grillenberger and Ralf Romeike
Analyzing Twitter Data using Snap!
Session : Dinner at Mr. Paron's house
Wednesday, February 3rd
Session 6: Plenary 2
Ivan Kalas
On the Road to Sustainable Primary Programming ( Presentation)
Session 7A: Papers: Programming in the 21st Century
Chris Proctor and Paulo Blikstein
Grounding How We Teach Programming in Why We Teach Programming ( Presentation)
Ken Kahn
What would the ideal constructionist programming language (or languages) be like? ( Presentation)
Marcelo Worsley, Kipp Bradford, Taylor Martin, Paulo Blikstein, Arnan Sipitakiat and Nalin Tutiyaphuengprasert
Constructionism and the Internet of Things ( Presentation)
Session 7B: Papers: Programming in Context
Anja Petri, Christian Schindler, Wolfgang Slany and Bernadette Spieler
Game Design with Pocket Code: Providing a Constructionist Environment for Girls in the School Context ( Presentation)
Walter Bender, Devin Ulibarri and Yash Khandelwal
Music Blocks: A Musical Microworld ( Presentation)
Deborah Fields, Lisa Quirke, Tori Horton, Jason Maughan, Xavier Velasquez, Janell Amely and Katarina Pantic
Working toward Equity in a Constructionist Scratch Camp: Lessons Learned in Applying a Studio Design Model ( Presentation)
Michael Weigend
Designing Interfaces for Special Needs ( Presentation)
Session 7C: Papers: Constructionism & New Ideas
Jean-Francois Maheux
Papert's sort-of-right mathematics ( Presentation)
Kate Mackrell and Dave Pratt
Resituating Constructionism in the Space of Reasons ( Presentation)
Valentina Dagienė, Gerald Futschek and Gabrielė Stupurienė
Teachers’ Constructionist and Deconstructionist Learning by Creating Bebras Tasks ( Presentation)
Meurig Beynon, Jonathon Foss, Antony Harfield, Elizabeth Hudnott and Nicolas Pope
Construing and Computing: Learning through Exploring and Exploiting Agency ( Presentation)
Session 8A: Papers: Case Studies & New Approaches ( Presentation )
Tamar Fuhrmann, Marcelo Worsley and Paulo Blikstein
A new Model for Eliciting Engineering Expertise from Novices: Expect non-Experts to Behave Like Experts
Yoshiro Yoshiro, Nanako Ishido, Kazuhiro Abe and Mihoko Kamei
Communities of Learning Designers in Japan – From constructing products to constructing communities –
Umit Aslan and Uri Wilensky
Restructuration in Practice: Challenging a Pop-Culture Evolutionary Theory through Agent Based Modeling
Session 8B: Papers: Reflections & Next Steps for Constructionism
Chronis Kynigos
Constructionist activity with institutionalized infrastructures: the case of Dimitris and his students.
Laura Benton, Celia Hoyles, Ivan Kalas and Richard Noss
Building mathematical knowledge with programming: insights from the ScratchMaths project ( Presentation)
Gary Stager, Tracy Rudzitis, Brian Smith and Amy Dugré
Making Constructionism Real in Real Schools Every Day ( Presentation)
Session 8C: Papers: School Experiences
Cristianne Butto-Zarzar, Joaquín Delgado and Ana Isabel Sacristán
Generalization processes: an experience using eXpresser with primary-school children ( Presentation)
Antony Harfield, Rene Alimisi, Peter Tomcsányi, Nick Pope and Meurig Beynon
Constructionism as making construals: first steps with JS-Eden in the classroom ( Presentation)
Conor Wickham, Carina Girvan and Brendan Tangney
Constructionism and microworlds as part of a 21st century learning activity to impact student engagement and confidence in physics ( Presentation)
Session 9A: workshop
Valentina Dagiene, Gerald Futschek and Gabrielė Stupurienė
Developing Computational Thinking by Using Constructionist and Deconstructionist Learning ( Presentation)
Session 9B: workshop
Yoshiro Miyata and Mihoko Kamei
World Peace Song Project ( Presentation1 | Presentation2 | Presentation3 )
Session 9C: workshop
Walter Bender, Cynthia Solomon, Devin Ulibarri and Claudia Urrea
Music Blocks Workshop ( Presentation)
Session 9D: workshop
Gary Stager
Constructionist Archaeology - Digging into Papert Papers Lost and Found ( Presentation)
Thursday, February 4th
Session 10: Plenary 3
Brian Harvey
Report from the Future: The Next Generation High School ( Presentation )
Session 14A: Papers: Early Childhood
Jose A. Valente
Inquiry Based Learning Project: a study of doing science with elementary public school students ( Presentation )
Session 14B: Papers: New Tools & Activities
Corey Brady, David Weintrop, Gabriella Anton and Uri Wilensky
Constructionist Learning at the Group Level with Programmable Badges ( Presentation)
Ken Kahn
Integrating programming languages with web browsers ( Presentation)
Session 14C: Papers: Working with Teachers
Mareen Przybylla and Ralf Romeike
Teaching Computer Science Teachers: A Constructionist Approach to Professional Training on Physical Computing ( Presentation)
Elena Prieto-Rodriguez and Daniel Hickmott
Preparing teachers for the Digital Technologies Curriculum: Preliminary results of a pilot study ( Presentation)
Session 15A: workshop
Carina Girvan, Nathan Holbert, Chronis Kynigos, Celia Hoyles and Richard Noss
Considering approaches to research through the lens of constructionism ( Presentation)
Session 15B: workshop
Arthur Hjorth, David Weintrop, Corey Brady and Uri Wilensky
LevelSpace: Constructing Models and Explanations across Levels ( Presentation)
Session 15C: workshop
Arnan Sipitakiat and Paulo Blikstein
New Frontiers in Educational Robotics with the Raspberry Pi and the GoGo Board
Friday, February 5th
Session 16: Plenary 4
Cynthia Solomon
Constructionism Lifetime Achievement Award ( Presentation )
Session 17A: Papers: Math, Programming, Robots
Pavel Petrovič and Richard Balogh
Summer League: Supporting FLL Competition ( Presentation)
Dave Catlin
Learning Intentions and Educational Robots ( Presentation)
Han Hyuk Cho, Jin Hwan Jeong, Jong Jin Kim, Yong Hyun Seo and Seung Joo Lee
Math-based Coding Education in Korean School ( Presentation)
Han Hyuk Cho, Hanik Jo, Cho Hee Lee, Eun Ji Lee and Hye Rim Jeong
3D turtle coding activities for Korean primary education ( Presentation)
Session 17B: Papers: Emotion & Engagement
Chris Shelton
Beyond lesson recipes: first steps towards a repertoire for teaching primary computing (Presentation)
Ploybussara Gomasang, Pintippa Sangwan and Chanikarn Wongviriyawong
Assessing Interpersonal Relationship Among Peers in a Constructionist Classroom: a Probabilistic Method (Presentation)
Michael Weigend, Lisa-Marie Jung, Sarah Lenzen, Maike Gebhardt, Caroline Flaßhoff, Alisha-Sophie Unger, Julian Wagner, Weronika Jarosz, Stella Krämer and Stefanie Schweitzer
Learning Emotional Aspects of Digital Competence By Creating Artefacts (Presentation)
Nalin Tutiyaphuengprasert
Samba School of the 21st Century : Learning in the Break Dance Community in Bangkok (Presentation)
Session 17C: Papers: Tools & Powerful Ideas
Maite Mascaró and Ana Isabel Sacristán
Exploring randomness and variability in statistics through R-based programming tasks (Presentation)
Angel Pretelín-Ricárdez and Ana Isabel Sacristán
Programming videogames with models of physical parameters: some examples (Presentation)
Eleonora Badilla-Saxe and Florencia Morado
The Imaginatorium (Presentation)
Arthur Hjorth, Corey Brady, Bryan Head and Uri Wilensky
Turtles All the Way Down: Presenting LevelSpace, a NetLogo Extension for Reasoning about Complex Connectedness ( Presentation)
Session 18A: workshop
David Weintrop, Arthur Hjorth, Corey Brady and Uri Wilensky
NetLogo Web: Bringing Turtles to the Cloud ( Presentation)
Session 18B: workshop
Ken Kahn
And now for something completely different: ToonTalk - a programming language that is not textual, block-based, or procedural ( Presentation )
Session 18C: workshop
Angel Pretelín-Ricárdez and Ana Isabel Sacristán
Videogame construction with models of physical parameters (Presentation)
Session 19: Plenary 5
Jose A. Valente
Computational Thinking in School: reviving programming in the context of digital culture ( Presentation )
Session : Closing (Presentation)